About us

Since 2018 Tech Remarket under the banner of Mac4School has delivered outstanding, refurbished hardware from brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo.  We offer customers a transparent way of ensuring all machines are tested rigorously while also offering a 3-months warranty at a minimum. Making buying refurbished computers less daunting and ensuring that you get the highest quality and the most reliable IT equipment for your budget, that acts and looks like new.

Mac4School predominantly sells  pre-owned Apple products, tested, refreshed and certified for sale. Every unit we sell at Mac4School undergoes our stringent, comprehensive refurbishment process prior to being certified for sale.

Although Mac4School is a relatively new venture but our team consist of seasoned Apple Tech Savvy Engineer and Marketers with a combined experience of over 9 years with in the industry and shipping out a well within a region of 10,000 products.